Terms of Reference

  1. The purpose of the network is to strengthen relationships between academics, health and social care managers and practitioners, clinicians, information analysts and service users within the TSDFT health and care system, in order to improve the process of problem solving, decision making and solution implementation. The aim is to build a culture of use of data and information, analytical tools and techniques, and system evaluation to improve quality, safety and cost of care.
  2. The network will check alignment of the TSDFT organisational goals to the research and evaluation projects and identify further opportunities.
  3. The network will promote shared ownership of research, to include collaborative bid writing and joint publications.
  4. The network will strengthen relationships between academics working within the TSDFT health and care system, for the purposes of encouraging collaboration among academics, departments and institutions, enabling the sharing of research expertise, and promoting academic dissemination of the work at TSDFT.
  5. The network will act as a conduit between our care system and external bodies who have an interest in research and evaluation such as the SWAHSN, NHS IQ, and industry. The intent is to ensure shared learning of best practice between health and care communities.
  6. The network will organise two network meetings and two seminars each year which will bring together the primary stakeholders of the network. The two meetings will be practitioner-led and will take place in the TSDFT. The seminars will be organised by academics in universities.