Northern Devon NHS Trust

Nic Harrison is a Principal Analyst at Northern Devon Healthcare Trust. He supports service improvement across the vertically and horizontally integrated Trust, e.g. in areas ranging from acute theatres, A&E and inpatient beds to health and social care in the community. He also has a background in Aeronautical Engineering, a Pensions Actuary and a Secondary Maths Teacher. Nic is passionate about analysis work that makes a difference to patients as well as health and care professionals, feeling that standard reports telling nothing new should be replaced with larger, integrated and more insightful pieces of work across departments and organisations. He supports work across Devon STP as part of his role at the Trust, working with colleagues across the county to build mutual understanding and consensus on major issues for system benefit. Recently, major work has included being part of the PenCHORD HSMA programme supporting patient flow centred around A&E at Northern Devon District Hospital, which has been able to hit the key national A&E four-hour waiting time target throughout his project, putting it in the top 10 Trusts nationally and against a trend of deteriorating performance. He and his Trust feel strongly that the solutions to Devon’s challenges lie in working together and putting patients at the centre of positive redesign work with a strong clinical evidence base.

Jessica Newton
Communications Manager
Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust