ED/MIU Application

About the App

The NHSQuicker App will allow patients needing treatment at hospital emergency departments and minor injury units (MIUs) to use their mobile phones to check live waiting times. Further, the App will provide access to the Directly of Services (DOS) for Devon. The App is designed at the STP-level (rather than individual Trusts) and is expected to be launched in Devon in October 2017. The underlying architecture of the App makes it possible for STPs and Trusts in England to join the project with no costs to them.


  • Provides information about where to go if needing urgent care from where you are.
  • Integrates real time waiting data from A&Es/EDs and MIUs, alongside travel times so you can decide where is the best place to go (i.e. fastest? best facilities? closest?).
  • Incorporates Directory of Services (DOS) information: alternative locations for help/ support e.g. pharmacies, opticians (DOS connectivity provided through an external organisation).


Opening Screen, Tile Arrangement and Directory of Services

Live waiting data from A&E/EDs and MIUs (with map view)

Current Partners

  • Health and Care IMPACT Network – http://www.health-impact-network.info/
    • University of Exeter Business School (leading the project)
    • Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust
    • Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust
    • Torbay & South Devon NHS Foundation Trust
  • MI-DOS (providing DOS access) and Reactor15 (App Developer)


  • Free to the NHS
  • Currently funded by University of Exeter Open Innovation Funds, with match funding from Torbay Medical Research Funds.
  • Access to the NHS Directory of Services (DOS) is being provided through an external partner (Mi-DOS). There may be some licensing and cost implications for the use of Mi-DOS by Trusts other than those in Devon and Cornwall (and with which Mi-DOS has a licensing agreement already).

Future work:

  • Making available predicted time (using historical data from HSCIC/NHS Digital)


For further information please contact n.mustafee@exeter.ac.uk