NHSquicker – Invitation for Trusts to Join

Invitation for New Partners to Join the Initiative on the Development of ED/MIU Waiting Time App

To be read along with the Agenda for the day

Wednesday 21st June 2017, University of Exeter

Workshop on Urgent and Emergency Care

The focus of the workshop is on urgent and emergency care. The workshop will include sessions that are specific to an ongoing project on Department (ED)/ Minor Injury Unit (MIU) waiting time and for which we seek your contribution. An overview of the project is provided below.


The aim of the project, which is a collaboration between Exeter University and NHS Trusts in Devon and Cornwall (IMPACT Network [1]), is to provide information transparency on ED/MIU waiting times which would allow recipients, including, significantly, patients who are in need of urgent medical attention, to make informed decisions as to the facility that could best serve their needs. It is expected that this work will contribute towards reducing pressure in ED by redistributing demand for minor ailments among the MIUs, since the MIUs have facilities for the treatment of minor injuries and the ED exists mainly for emergency and life-threating conditions.

Previously, the IMPACT Network has worked with Torbay and South Devon NHS Trust (TSDFT) [2] and the Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Trust [3], to develop external facing websites which provide the intended users of the system with real-time ED/MIU information. We have monitored traffic on the TSDFT site using Google Analytics [4], and the data we have for the period 1st March-27th September 2016 shows that the site received approx. 47,000 hits (4,000-6,000 hits/per month with the exception of its launch in March, when it peaked at 15,000) with new visitors accounting for approx. 30% traffic. We therefore think there is potential to extend this work across other Trusts in Devon and Cornwall and have a common and extensible solution wherein ED/MIU wait times are made available irrespective of NHS catchments.

Funding for the Project:

Academics from University of Exeter Business School successfully applied for an Open Innovation Platform grant to fund the development of a native mobile App which will deliver real-time ED/MIU waiting time data from multiple NHS Trusts in the South West of England. TSDFT also made a financial contribution to the project (match-funding). This funding has made it possible for us to engage a developer – Reactor15 [5].

About the ED/MIU wait time App:

The App is being developed for Android and iPhone platforms. It will enable us to not only deliver live wait times but would also report travel time based on users’ location (if GPS is turned on). In recent months, a few other Trusts have made available wait time data through websites and App. However, the USP of this project remains from the fact that we are developing one App for all Trusts and ED/MIU waiting times will be shown irrespective of individual NHS catchments!  The App will also capture valuable data on usage and whether its use has made a difference in the attendance behaviour of the users of the App.

What we request from you:

  • Please consider joining this initiative by engaging with the IMPACT Network (no financial contribution to the project is requested, but if you would like to provide a bit of funding then further development of the App will be possible). The extendable App architecture makes it possible for other Trusts to join the initiative by sending data feed to a server (note: this is aggregated data as seen in [2] and [3]; no patient identifiable data is requested).
  • Availability for a workshop on Wednesday 21st June at University of Exeter


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