Mustafee, N. and Powell, J.H. (2018). NHSquicker Evaluation and Platform Maintenance Grant. South West Academic Health Sciences Network (£8K), Torbay Medical Research Funds (£5k) and direct payments towards the development of the NHSquicker video from Digital Horizons, Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust (£2.5K). £13K (cash contribution) and £2.5K (direct payments).

Mustafee, N. and Powell, J.H. (2017). NHS Quicker App: Collecting Evidence of Impact. ESRC IAA Impact Cultivation Award. £10,454 (FEC). ESRC IAA contribution £2,965.

Mustafee, N., Powell, J.H. and Smart, A. (2017). University of Exeter Open Innovation Platform – Impact Funds. A Native Mobile App to Capture Evidence on the Impact of Real-Time Data in Nudging Patients’ Emergency Department Attendance Behaviour. £69,460 (FEC). UOE contribution £21,784. Additional match funding of £7,500 from Torbay and South Devon NHS Trust.

Mustafee, N., Powell, J.H. and Smart, A. (2017). ESRC Impact Acceleration Account (Social Policy Network)– Extending the IMPACT Network by engaging with The Horizon Group, NHS England. £27,580 (FEC). ESRC IAA contribution £2,945.

Mustafee, N. (2017). Developing an interdisciplinary Perspective and Framework for Modeling. The Leverhulme Trust Visiting Professorship for Prof. Paul Fishwick (University of Texas-Dallas) to visit Exeter for three months. The Leverhulme Trust. £13,692. Principal Applicant.

Smart, A. and Mustafee, N. (2016). Modelling Workstream for the ReGROUP project  – (led by John Campbell) – Modelling Workstream. £12,486.

Mustafee, N. and Kumar, D. (2016). ESRC Impact Acceleration Award: Economic Development & Welfare Scheme (EDWAS). Empowering People to make Healthcare Choices through Business Intelligence: A Scoping Study and Pilot (with Prof. Dinesh Kumar, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore) – £6,551 (ESRC IAA contribution).

Mustafee, N. and Powell, J.H. (2015). ESRC Impact Acceleration Account (Project Co-creation)– “Systems Modelling and Computer Simulation of Urgent and Emergency Care in Torbay & South Devon” – £33,283 (FEC). ESRC IAA contribution £19,907.

Mustafee, N. (2015). South West Doctoral Training Centre PhD studentship (1+3 entry) on Healthcare Analytics – ESRC and Business School match-funded – £79,958 (with Martin Pitt). 50/50 split ESRC/Business School.

Mustafee, N. (2015). NHS-funded PhD studentship in Healthcare Modelling and Simulation (South Devon Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and Torbay Hospital) – £53K.

Internal Funding

Mustafee, N., and Powell, J.H. (2018).  University of Exeter Business School Impact Funds and IIB Impact funds (£3K). Costs towards the 4th Health and Care IMPACT Network Event and the development of NHSquicker landing page.

Mustafee, N., and Powell, J.H. (2016). Business School Cluster Funding (Organisations in Transition) – “IMPACT Network Event and Website Development” – £2,500 (with John Powell).

Mustafee, N. (2016). UOE Outward Mobility Academic Fellowships (research visit to IIMB) – “Development of REF Impact Case Study and Collaboration for Funding Opportunities through UKERI and Global Challenges Research Fund”. UOE Outward Mobility Academic Fellowship 2016/17. £2,000.

Mustafee, N. (2016). UOE Visiting Academic International Fellowship (research visitor from IIMB) – UOE Visiting International Academic Fellowships 2016/17. £1,800.

Mustafee, N. (2016). Business School Cluster Funding (Organisations in Transition) – “Developing capability and international links in the Simulation, Analytics and Modelling (SAM) theme within OiT” – £4,085.

Mustafee, N. (2015). Business School Cluster Funding (Sustainability & Circular Economy) – “An Investigation of Model Reusability in Practice: An Example of the Blood Supply Chain in South Devon and Torbay” – £2,160.